Friday, 16 February 2024 -
6:30pm to 8:00pm
British Council Kolkata

The story of Music of Rejuvenation begins where City Symphonies ends. Musical interactions between the orient and occident began in the late eighteenth century, when memsahibs started taking interest in the ghazals and thumris they heard at the nautch parties in Calcutta and also at the court of Lucknow. City Symphonies told the story of how, through the interactions between memsahibs and courtesans a new genre of music called Hindustani Air was born. 

The interactions deepened with time and English educated Bengalis started imbibing western ways in their life. The western influence was strongly felt in music too. Bengalis started going to England for higher studies and encountered various genres of western music. They imbibed these ideas into their own musical compositions. A new music was born that rejuvenated the spirit of Bengal. Music of Rejuvenation tells the story of the birth of this new music of Bengal. Its vibes are equally strong even today.

Date, time and venue - Friday 16 February, 6.30 PM at British Council, 16 Camac Street, L&T Chambers, Kolkata 700017

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