Saturday, 30 September 2023 -
11:00am to 1:00pm
British Council Delhi Library

Unlock your child's potential and open a world of knowledge with our captivating "Know the Newspaper" themed enrichment event! In this carefully crafted face-to-face experience, we've designed a series of engaging activities to familiarize your child with newspapers and truly embrace them as a valuable tool in their everyday life. Our expertly curated enrichment event for young learners aged 8 to 10 is tailored to cater to learners of different ages and stages of development. We understand that learning should be as unique as your child's, so we've created an event that adapts to their needs.

Non-Members, register for INR 950                                      Members, register for INR 750

At the heart of our children's enrichment program is a communicative methodology, inspired by the belief that language acquisition thrives when used in authentic and meaningful contexts. Here's what your child can look forward to:

Collaborative Learning:  We believe that teamwork is an essential life skill. Through collaborative activities, your child will deepen their understanding of newspapers and sharpen their ability to work harmoniously with others. This skill is invaluable in how they perceive and interact with the world.

Creative Expression:  For our young learners aged 8 to 10, this enrichment event will be an adventure in creativity. They'll have the chance to create their very own newspaper, choosing a topic close to their hearts. They'll design the front page, craft a compelling headline, and incorporate essential newspaper elements. Through this process, they'll learn to write from a third-person perspective, answer the crucial 5 W's (what/why/when/who/where), and master the art of researching and sharing information effectively.

Non-Members, register for INR 950                                      Members, register for INR 750

Don't miss this opportunity to shape your child's future in a fun, interactive, and educational way.

* The registration will be towards bronze membership for kids which will enable participation in the event.

This event will be delivered face-to-face and will take place at the British Council Library in Delhi. For more details please write to us at: 

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