Saturday, 25 February 2017

Science and Environment is a part of our daily life. It is important for children to know more about conservation to make them realise how our world is changing and to get into good environmentally friendly habits sooner rather than later. In this fun hands-on workshop children will have better understanding on planet conservation efforts, learn how to save our planet through science, be socially responsible and learn how individual actions affect the environment. 


5 to 6 years: 9.30 hrs to 11.00 hrs

7 to 8 years: 11.10 hrs to 12.40 hrs

9 to 11 years: 13.15 hrs to 15.15. hrs

12 to 13 years: 15.30 hrs  to 17.20 hrs


•  In this fun hands-on workshop, Participants will have better understanding on planet conservation efforts

•  They will learn how to help save our planet by using recycled materials to create something new

•  It will help them to be a socially responsible participant with broader exposure

•  They will learn how their individual actions affect the environment


•  Participants are introduced to the concepts of environment conservation, social communication, and planet livelihood

•  It will cover the skills such as public speaking, creative thinking and execution, team dynamics and creative arts for conservation awareness

•  They will use the recycled materials to create something new

Workshop fee: INR 350 (Family & Corporate membership)

                          INR 500 (Other membership categories)

                          INR 800 (Non-members)

Seats limited to 25 participants

For registration and more details please contact Susan Chettri at 8939831721 or


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