Thursday, 10 November 2016 -
11:00am to 4:00pm

How to Write? A creative writing workshop by Nick Toczek

British Council invites you for a workshop on How to Write?creative writing workshop by Nick Toczek

Under the Authors Abroad programme, British Council is proud to bring renowned children’s author Nick Toczek. We will be hosting Nick Toczek in Bangalore on November 9th and 10th when he will be participating in a number of activities involving children, parents, teachers, schools, writers and others. 

Best-selling author, Nick Toczek, is a full-time professional writer and performer. He works as a poet, magician, storyteller, puppeteer, novelist, stand-up comic, radio DJ, political researcher, creative writing tutor, journalist, librettist, advertising copy-writer, and political speech-writer.  He has published more than forty books and has made more than 40,000 public appearances.  His poetry books alone have sold over three-quarters of a million copies. As a writer in schools, he’s worked worldwide with pupils from over 5,000 schools

Fee: Rs 3000 per person for library members and Rs 3500 for others 

To register kindly email Vani Shivakumar at or call at 080-2253 3006. 

About the workshop

In a creative writing workshop designed to suit both new and experienced writers, Nick Toczek uses his fifty years of experience as a published and professional writer to demystify the entire process.

Participants will be shown – through a series of simple but very practical writing exercises – how best to translate observations, ideas and emotions into effective written language.

From gaining a clearer understanding of the source of writing ideas, through taking command of the choice of language, to learning how to structure and edit written text, here’s a chance to directly boost your literary ability and self-confidence. 

Writing is a skill which can both be learned and honed. Nick’s aim, throughout, will be to pass on what he has learned as a poet, journalist, performer and broadcaster who has adopted the discipline of doing some writing every single day since his youth. 


Nick, an experienced presenter of such workshops, says: “Athletes have to exercise every day in order to stay fit. They have to learn to completely understand and use their physical skill. To be a writer, you need to adopt the same approach. And you don’t wait for inspiration or for your muse to descend, you learn to reach out and grab it. I love being a writer – it’s fun, rewarding and exciting – and I equally love passing on my faith and the skills I’ve acquired.”

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