Friday, 7 April 2023 - 7:00pm to Saturday, 8 April 2023 - 10:00pm
Studio Theatre at Roundhouse, London

‘Elsewhere in India’ is an audiovisual electronica performance about a future world where global cultures are nearing extinction, exploring the theme of 'AI for Cultural Good'. The protagonists are led by Meenakshi, a ‘cultural cyborg’ built to preserve Indian heritage and create harmony through Indian performative traditions. The immersive visuals consist of 3D video games, AI art and 3D avatars of the artists , who present an anthology of stories from India in 2079 AD. Developed as a part of the India/UK Season of Culture. 

A Hyderabad-based electronic music composer, DJ and sound designer, Murthovic has been working in the electronic music field for close to 20 years. He acquired his basic compositional skills in western classical music from the Hyderabad Western Music Foundation and continues to study Carnatic music, while also relentlessly touring the festival and club circuit in the country as a DJ. A pioneering name in Hyderabad’s music scene, Murthovic ran some of the most legendary parties in the city and was a resident DJ at one of the country’s longest-standing clubs, Sparks. In February 2014, Murthovic is signed with artist management agency OddX, and has since been playing regularly across the country.

Thiruda is an acclaimed media artist, creative director and curator who specialises in creating immersive experiences for electronic music. Thiruda is one of the co-founders of the audio- visual collective BLOT! – best known for shaping the Indian live visuals and electronica scene from
2007-2017 through art projects, installations and experiences. Working with a network of artists, filmmakers, animators and game developers, Thiruda produces a diverse range of creative projects that present an authentic viewpoint of India to the world. He is also a co-founder of Quicksand, a pioneering research and human- centered design consultancy.

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