Tuesday, 15 November 2022 to Saturday, 17 December 2022

If you’re a lover of contemporary and electronic music, look no further. 

Delhi to Derry – Together in Sound, a collaborative project between boxout.fm and Celtronic Festival, brings you a host of exciting live performances lined up through November and December across a number cities in India.

This project supported by the India-UK Together grant engages artists and music communities across Northern Ireland and India through live performances and workshops. 

Lushlata, Kaleekarma, Stain, Nash, Zequenx and Sodhi travelled to Northern Ireland earlier this year to perform at the Celtronic Festival. As part of the collaborative artistic exchange in the UK, Manchester based electronic artist Zed Bias and Stain conjured up ‘Delhi Birds’. Listen to the track here.  

Catch UK artists CartinQueen & Disco and The Fully Automatic Model perform live at the following venues this winter. Click here for more information on the performances.

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