Wednesday, 24 August 2022 -
5:30pm to 7:00pm

This webinar introduces participants to a new British Council publication entitled Climate action in language education: Activities for low resource classrooms.  The publication features 30 interactive teaching activities related to environmental issues and climate action.  The webinar and the publication are good starting points for teachers who would like to embed climate themes into their lessons but are not sure where to start.  Teachers who already work with environmental topics will be able to add to their repertoire of resources and to share their experience engaging with these issues in their classrooms.  Teacher educators and mentors can explore ways of supporting colleagues to integrate climate topics into their teaching.  While the publication is targeted at low-resource contexts, the webinar invites all teachers, including those in well-resourced classrooms, to try out the activities, to teach unplugged and to ‘walk the talk’ on climate action.

In the webinar we will

  • Discuss why we should embed climate action into language lessons.
  • Reflect on overcoming the challenges of teaching environmental issues.
  • Find out how to integrate climate themes into common lesson topics.
  • Explore a new free publication with 30 climate action activities for low-resource classrooms.

About the speaker

Thomas Kral is a Training Consultant with the British Council and a PhD Researcher with Lancaster University.  He has been involved in language education for twenty-five years, as a teacher, teacher trainer, materials writer and project manager.  He has worked on British Council teacher development projects in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, Rwanda and most recently on the English Connects project in Sub-Saharan Africa.  Thomas is passionate about climate action and has been integrating environmental themes into his classes for over a decade, first promoting sustainability through the Millennium Development Goals, and then the Sustainable Development Goals, in both his teaching and teacher training. He has recently edited and co-authored a new British Council publication entitled Climate action in language education: Activities for low resource classrooms.

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