Thursday, 6 October 2016 -
12:00pm to 5:00pm

We take pleasure in inviting your school for the following workshopks:

School Programme Overview workshop for teachers and Let's Speak out and Write Right! workshop for students

The School Programme Overview workshop is relevant to heads of schools and senior teachers who are interested in introducing an international dimension into their schools curriculum. The workshop will cover the principles of Continuing Pofessional Development for teachers and leaders.

Please note: Only one participant per school is accepted- Principal/Trustee/ Head of School/ Owner/ Director/Senior Administration Staff or Senior Teacher.

It will cover Connecting Classrooms which is a a global education programme for schools. It is designed to help young people become globally aware and competitive in the 21st century. British Council consulted a range of stakeholders, drew upon research on the deep pedagogies framework and UNESCO’s transversal skills and then decided to focus on supporting teachers develop their pedagogy in the following Six Core Skills and competencies which forms a part of the Connecting Classrooms programme:

• Communication and Collaboration
• Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
• Creativity and Imagination
• Student Leadership and Personal Development
• Citizenship
• Digital Literacy

The workshop will also list down the pre-requisites for the British Council International School Award, a programme which is running for the past 12 years benefiting more than 1500 schools in the process.

 'Let's Speak out and Write Right!' workshop is open for class 8 or 9 students - only one student per school.

This workshop focusses on:

• developing extempore and public speaking, group discussion and conversation skills
• building student's confidence and improving pronunciation
• developing paragraph writing skills

Early applicants will receive priority. Only shortlisted applicants will receive participation confirmation.

There is no registration fee associated with these workshops.