We’ll help your child gain confidence to communicate better, get ready for the next class and develop life skills to stay ahead of the curve. Because when you can speak the world’s global language, you’re ready for anything. 

Spring Camp has been crafted by experts that goes much further than a typical English language course. Through storytelling, presentation and collaboration, your child will gain a vital set of skills and the confidence to use them. So, whatever their next step is, they are ready!  Spring Camp takes place in a safe, nurturing and inspiring environment to make every child’s experience meaningful and memorable. 

Venue: British Council, 17 KG Marg, New Delhi  
Duration: 10 hours, 4 days (2.5 hours each day)


Spring Camp 1 11-14 March 2020 7-10 yrs 9:30am -12:30pm
Spring Camp 2 16-19 March 2020

7-14 yrs

9:30am -12:30pm

Price: INR 5000 | 15% discount for existing students and library members. 

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Age Group Description Outcome
7-10 year olds

This course will introduce kids to the marvellous world of Roald Dahl and learn some of the most famous characters and their adventures. They will also learn the creative aspects of language such as story-telling and using storyboards. Kids will build listening, speaking, reading and writing skills through various activities. 

1. Confidence to communicate in English

2. Vocabulary and grammar enhancement

3. Improvement in reading, listening and writing skills

11-12 year olds

This skill-based course will help increase your child’s fluency and confidence in using English, and enhance their abilities in speaking, listening, reading and writing. Students will use materials designed to develop their use of the language through stimulating and challenging activities. The classes are fun and interactive, encouraging young learners to effectively communicate with confidence.

This course includes conversation and presentation skills, creative writing (comic strips and mini sagas).

1. Confidence to communicate in English

2. Develop creative writing skills

3. Understand and apply structures in verbal and written communication 

13-14 year olds

This skill-based course will help increase your child’s fluency and confidence in using English. It includes public speaking, group presentations, creative writing activities which contribute to the holistic learning and development of a child.

1. Confidence to communicate in English

2. Develop presentation and public speaking skills

3. Build poetry writing skills

4. Understand the elements of story writing and write a story