Does learning and development in your organisation follow the golden 70:20:10 ratio? While planning the 10%, remember to include an adequate focus on soft skills.

The following soft skills are essential to any learning and development plan. We can partner with you to deliver professional skills workshops in any of these areas:

Diversity and inclusion

Add cross cultural fluency to your organisation’s value proposition through various skills. These include working effectively in a diverse environment and avoiding unconscious bias.

Training your employees in this area sends a strong message about organisational values. It also promotes a good work culture and can help avoid HR and PR disasters.

Written communication

In our experience, we have found that written communication is one of the key areas of challenge faced by many organisations.

Our written communication workshops can help your employees improve presentation making.

Productivity and performance

Equip your employees with the skills and awareness they need to be part of high performance teams.

You can train them to be able to build meaningful relationships for your business. You can also train them to run productive meetings and manage their own time effectively.

Interpersonal communication

Enable organisational effectiveness with communication effectiveness. There have been many studies on customer facing teams. They have shown that top performers have better English skills compared to the rest of the team.

In our experience as well, English training has a direct impact on CSAT scores.

Customer service

Make sure your employees can empathise with and delight your customers. In addition, ensure that your customer service truly adds to your brand value proposition.

Leadership communication

Inspire their teams and customers with your current and future leaders’ ability to deliver in a challenging and changing environment.

Train them on the art of strategic business storytelling, creating their executive presence, and coaching and mentoring.