Time to upgrade with the world’s English experts!

For over 75 years the British Council has been delivering high-quality English courses to learners around the world with its unique teaching methodologies and best in class content.

Upgrade your English language skills with the following cutting-edge courses by the British Council. It's time to realise your full potential!

  • English - Improves your overall language skills (reading, writing, listening speaking)
  • Spoken English – Refines your speaking, listening and pronunciation skills for more effective communication
  • Business Communication Skills - Develops your email writing, presentation and negotiation skills
  • Introduction to Creative Writing – Helps you improve your writing style and enhance creativity
  • Prepare for IELTS - Carefully structured and specifically designed course that makes your IELTS preparatory journey easy 
  • Cambridge CELTA - An internationally recognised qualification to start and upgrade your career as an English teacher

Call 0120-4569000 / 0120-6684353, walk into your nearest British Council centre, or visit www.britishcouncil.in to know more.