English in the Primary Classroom is a teacher training series that shows teachers in Maharashtra using learner-centred techniques, games and activities to teach English. The series has fifteen clips that focus on vocabulary learning, using flashcards, drills, pair work, and developing learners’ speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

In these clips, you can see teachers and learners doing activities that are based on the vernacular medium My English Book (standards one to four). These activities show how teachers can use and adapt their textbooks in learner-centred ways. The teachers are working as lower primary teachers in vernacular medium schools. The clips were filmed in their classrooms with their learners from urban, rural and tribal schools in Maharashtra.  

You can watch these clips in any order, alone or with colleagues, with or without the workbook. Each clip lasts around two minutes, and focuses on a learner-centred activity, game or technique. 

Remember, these clips are for teacher training. They are not for showing directly to learners in your classrooms.

To support you watching these clips, we have produced the workbook available in the downloads section below. The aim of the workbook is to:

  • help you think about why the teachers are using the activities 
  • give you ideas on how to adapt and use these activities with your textbook
  • give you some useful support to help you develop your classroom English.

How to use this resource

  1. Choose a video clip.
  2. Find its accompanying worksheet. Read the introduction section and think about the before watching question (you don’t need to write anything, only think). 
  3. Watch the film. While watching, look at the information at the start and end of the clip. It is there to guide you.
  4. Look at the using it in class section on the worksheet. This helps you think about how you can use the activity with your class and textbook.
  5. Look at the Classroom English section and do the exercises. Then check your answers in appendix 1 at the back of the workbook. 
  6. Note down the ideas that you think you can use and then try them out in your classroom!

Links to the video clips

Click on the titles below to watch the clip. Don’t forget to complete our feedback form   to let us know what you think about this resource!

Involving learners with simple questions: In this clip the teacher asks simple questions about classroom objects and textbook pictures. 

Picture pair work: In this clip the teacher gives learners speaking practice through pair work. 

Using flashcards 1: In this clip the teacher uses flashcards to help learners understand and remember the meanings of new words. 

Using flashcards 2: In this clip the teacher demonstrates different and engaging ways of using flashcards to teach new words. 

Point to the…: In this clip the learners use objects and simple gestures to remember new vocabulary. 

Chain drill: In this clip the learners practise question and answer forms to practise grammar and pronunciation.

Jump left, jump right: In this clip the learners respond physically to answer questions. They have fun while learning! 

From reading to writing: In this clip the learners practise writing words and correcting their work. 

Slap the board: In this clip the learners play a game to check understanding of vocabulary. 

Stand up if you…: In this clip the learners use movement and practise their listening and speaking skills. 

Starting the lesson: In this clip the teacher asks simple questions to warm up the learners before the lesson begins. 

Memorising vocabulary: In this clip the learners match pictures with words and practise vocabulary. 

Missing word: In this clip the learners listen, read and then speak. 

Mystery bag: In this clip the learners practise vocabulary by choosing flashcards or objects from a bag and naming them.

Rolling the ball: In this clip the learners revise new words and practise speaking by rolling a ball to their peers thus ensuring equal participation.