Climate Skills is a multi-year programme currently running in Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, India and Viet Nam. This global programme works with young people to sow the seeds of a fair transition away from fossil fuels.  

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The programme is led by British Council in partnership with HSBC to build a global approach to youth skills development and equip the next generation to understand, mitigate and adapt to climate change. 

The Climate Skills programme operates in India within the context of a country highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. With a rapidly growing population and industrialisation, India faces numerous challenges related to climate adaptation and mitigation. The programme targets marginalised young individuals between the ages of 18-30, acknowledging the importance of inclusivity in climate action. By providing resources, training, mentorship, and grants, Climate Skills empowers these youths with the necessary tools to not only navigate the challenges posed by climate change but also to actively contribute to solutions.

India's participation in the Climate Skills initiative is crucial due to its significant demographic dividend and the potential it holds for sustainable development. By fostering partnerships with educational institutions, NGOs, and CSOs, the programme creates a network of support for young climate advocates, amplifying their impact and fostering a sense of community-driven change.

The programme in India is in its design phase and more information will be available here soon. For any queries please write to