Social Enterprise UK-India University Dialogue 2014

Social Enterprise Education programme (SEEP) is an initiative to build collaborative partnerships facilitating opportunities to students and faculty in India and the UK. The aim is to promote social enterprise ecosystem and create platforms for research and pilot projects within educational institutions. This will support institutions from both the countries to work together in creating material for students planning to take up Social Enterprise as a career.

This is a partnership programme that supports collaboration between UK and Indian academic institutions by providing grant for mobility and project activities. The primary purpose is to of build social enterprise ecosystem in Education systems and to strengthen policy and practice of embedding social enterprise in the curricula of higher educational institutions in India and the United Kingdom.

The programme is expected to contribute to and lead to one or more of the following objectives outcomes in the Social Enterprise domain in India and the UK

1. Mainstreaming Social Enterprise across disciplines - UK-India collaboration that explores and pilots a project to look at how social enterprise can be mainstreamed across the university, regardless of what course is studied.

2. Curriculum development and joint courses – UK-India collaboration focused on embedding social enterprise curriculum in to existing courses or developing new ones. Development of new shared academic resources such as accredited modules, online material, and twin campus courses etc. with active support from UK. Development of opportunities for student exchanges/interns/immersion with the UK, including digital platforms.

3. Incubation – Collaboration focused on developing incubation centres/labs within Universities. Preference will be given to collaborations that attract new partners including industry and corporates to contribute to incubation and seed funding.

4. Social enterprise network focused on higher education: Collaboration supporting a UK – India social enterprise network that focuses on Higher Education and contributes to development of the social enterprise ecosystem. The values of the network should be around collaboration and sharing of resources in order to reduce duplication and reach scale quickly. The network should aim to provide a clear voice within the Indian social enterprise ecosystem and add credibility to policy advocacy endeavours.

Contacting us

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