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Music Education Policy Roundtable

The Creative Economy Roundtable series, organised by the British Council, convened a music policy roundtable in partnership with the KM Music Conservatory on 24 November 2023 in Chennai, India. It aimed to build on the success of the inaugural music policy roundtable held earlier in the year, which focussed on the music education sector in Tamil Nadu. The roundtable brought together music industry experts, educators and practitioners from India and the UK to exchange insights on various aspects of music education.

The report presents a summary of the key findings and recommendations from the roundtable discussions, which aimed to inform and positively influence the development of a music education policy in Tamil Nadu. It covers the main themes and emerging trends for music education and the critical areas that need to be addressed by the stakeholders. The report suggests possible actions and interventions that can enhance the quality and impact of music education and support the growth of the music sector in the state of Tamil Nadu and the country. 

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