The post holder would be required to prepare/deliver high quality English language/communication skills training to corporate sponsored learners/other institutional clients.You will work with academic and administrative support, at British Council offices at Chennai/Gurgaon/Mumbai. In addition to language and skills training, you may have the opportunity to undertake blended and remote teaching, trainer training, and you will be encouraged to develop your experience and expertise, all under the guidance of an Academic Manager. You will form part of a cadre of full time trainers. 


Location Gurgaon, Chennai or Mumbai
Salary INR 9,66,000 per annum
Duration Indefinite Contract
Closing date Tuesday, 8 December 2015

How to apply

For Gurgaon Location please click: Trainer (English), Gurgaon

For Chennai Location please click: Trainer (English), Chennai

For Mumbai Location please click: Trainer (English), Mumbai