Learn English online

Are you a learner of English? Want to improve your knowledge and command of the language? You can now do this on your own time by accessing our Digital Learning Resources. 

British Council is your best starting point for learning English. We can give you the confidence and skills you need to communicate effectively in English. With over 70 years of English language teaching experience, we can help you achieve your goals! 

Learn English for adults

Learn English online with our free website for adult learners. The site has hundreds of pages of audio, text and video content and over 2,000 interactive exercises. It includes a Grammar section, IELTS exam practice materials, and a Business and work section.

Learn English for teens

The LearnEnglish Teens website is designed for learners aged 13 to 17. Here you can learn more about UK, practice grammar and improve your vocabulary with videos and exercises. You can also share your opinions and learn from others.

Learn English for kids

LearnEnglish Kids is a website for children who are learning English. They can have fun with songs, stories, videos, grammar and vocabulary games, and much more. All the activities are designed for children to do on their own or with their friends, parents and teachers..

Learn English on your mobile

Improve your English anytime, anywhere! We have developed a wide range of mobile apps for learning English across major mobile platforms. The apps include podcasts, a soap opera, quizzes, games and exercises to help you improve your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Search for ‘British Council’ in the app store.

English Club

English Club is our latest app for the Windows 8 platform. It contains a range of vocabulary learning resources, based around animations of interactions, presented in an entertaining and often humorous format. It includes word games like hangman, word search, jumbles letters etc.


Jobseekers has been designed specifically for India and is a series of 90 animated videos which aim to help you develop your English language abilities and skills related to employability. It is available as a desktop version for your PC or as an Android app.

Learn English with football

If you’re learning English and are interested in football, Premier Skills English can help you improve your English while you learn about Premier League clubs and players. You’ll also find out about Premier League matches and rules, play games and do quizzes.