World Voice Project in New Delhi

A four-day workshop for World Voice Project (WVP) trainers was held from 17 - 20 August, 2015 at the British Council in New Delhi. It brought together 18 trainers from each WVP partner state (Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Meghalaya and Sikkim) for an intensive training and capacity building session with Richard Frostick (Artistic Director, WVP). The final day of the workshop was an interactive session with WVP India, Lead trainer Shubhangi Tewari, following her recent WVP Manchester Residency (attended by lead trainers from each of the WVP partner countries).

The workshop provided a platform to exchange WVP classroom experiences, best practices and presented an enchanting showcase of regional song repertoires. In addition to, offering an opportunity to learn new warm-ups, song teaching techniques and diverse ways of establishing linkages with the curriculum. The session with 30 school students (9 - 11-years olds from class five) of the Navyug Peshwa Road School was particularly memorable as it exemplified the power of music to transcend barriers and design transformative - inclusive classrooms that made learning an easy, joyful and memorable experience.

The highlight of the session with Shubhangi Tewari was an audio track of British students singing Morni – WVP India folk song and the teaching of new songs (Starlight and Daw Hyfryd Fis). The participants took an instant liking to the songs and anticipated excitement among children to learn them.