We host live webinars and workshops on topical issues for teachers’ professional development. These webinars are free and will be relevant for primary and secondary teachers.

In this section, you can view recordings of our past webinars and workshops, listed below as per the thematic areas. These thematic areas are aligned with the 12 themes for professional development of teachers, used by British Council globally.  PDFs of the presentation slides can be found here as well.

Upcoming workshop

Three steps to integrate multilingualism in the classroom

This workshop discusses the notion of Multilingualism and it's implications in Indian context. It includes ways to integrate and promote a multilingual approach in the classroom. Building on participant’s experiences and day-to-day classroom scenarios, we aim to provide practical ideas to help teachers and students to understand, take advantage of, and contribute to the wide linguistic landscape in their school and society. 

About the presenter:

Suyog is a primary teacher and ELE enthusiast from Maharashtra, India. He holds the position of TAG coordinator under the TEJAS initiative. Suyog has served as a State Level English Ambassador for the Spoken English Programme and has been actively involved in developing training modules and materials for the Government of Maharashtra. Suyog presented his studies at the 5th and the 6th AINET International Conference and the 56th IATEFL conference. He works as an AINET Connect project associate. His research interests include teacher leadership, teacher professional development, translanguaging, and sociolinguistic aspects of English language learning. 

The workshop will be held on Wednesday 21 February 2024, between 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. (IST)

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