ELTons 2018 ©

British Council

The ELTons are the British Council international awards that recognise and celebrate excellence in innovation in English language teaching (ELT) worldwide. Now in their sixteenth year, the British Council’s ELTons Innovation Awards are open for applications from English language teaching professionals – educators, writers, authors, publishers and project managers – around the world.

In 2018 applications will be accepted for innovative ELT products and services in one of the following awards categories:

  • Excellence in course innovation: Complete courses in any, or a variety of, media – books, websites, CD Roms, audio, teachers’ book.
  • Innovation in learner resources: Any product or service aimed at learners.
  • Innovation in teacher resources: Any product or service aimed at teachers, including training, education or development.
  • Digital innovation: A digital product or service that enhances learning through the innovative use of technology.
  • Local innovation award: Learner or teacher solutions developed at a local, national or regional level to meet a specific local need and within a specific local context.
  • The British Council lifetime achievement award: This award is given to ELT professionals who have made a substantial contribution to the ELT profession throughout their career.

The deadline for applications is 3 November, 23.59 UK time / 4 November, 04.29 India time.

Find out more about the categories and how to apply for an ELTons Innovation Award 2018 here.