Summer school for children

Summer School courses for Young Learners

Summer School is a fun-filled two weeks at the British Council, when children put together a spectacular show for their parents, as they engage with the English Language. 

The programme is theme-based and is designed to develop specific skills (speaking, writing, reading and listening) and aspects of language (vocabulary and pronunciation). 

The fun methodology, creative engagement and holistic focus make this course a most enjoyable way of focusing on English in an environment dedicated to improving essential language skills. Our team of committed teachers guides the participants as they brainstorm ideas, flesh out details and hone their organisational skills to mount a spectacular production for their parents.


The two themes offered this summer are ‘Shakespeare’ and ‘Roald Dahl’.

The course includes sessions on:

  • plot and character development,
  • language and vocabulary 
  • pronunciation 
  • script writing
  • story telling

It is designed to help students:

  • overcome stage fear 
  • build confidence
  • work together 

Participants will script, direct and act in a play based on one of Shakespeare’s most famous works or delve into Roald Dahl’s imaginative world.

Every child on the course will get an opportunity to participate in the Global Young Learners’ Art Competition organised worldwide.