Hornby Scholarships

The Hornby Educational Trust offers scholarships to study a one year full-time Masters degree in an English Language Teaching (ELT) related subject in the UK.


A S Hornby Educational Trust

The A.S.Hornby Educational Trust is a charity registered in the UK. It was founded in 1961 by A.S.Hornby with funds earned from the publication of the Oxford Advanced Learners’ Dictionary, which he created. The Trust’s aim is to support the teaching of English as a foreign language worldwide. 

Further information about the work of the Trust can be found here.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates should:

  • Have successfully completed an undergraduate degree course equivalent to a Bachelors Degree in the UK (certification must be provided as part of each candidate’s application).
  • Have at least two years’ hands-on and direct experience as an English language teacher/teacher trainer (as opposed to experience only in a management role, such as co-ordinating policy or running a school).
  • Must be a citizen of an eligible country, in this case India
  • Eventually (but not at the preliminary online application stage) the candidate must attain an overall minimum Band score 6.5 on the International English Language Testing Service (IELTS), with no less than 6 in any of the categories.

Application procedure

To apply for a Hornby scholarship, please go to this webpage, where you can find information about the scholarships and access the application form.

Applicants are selected by a four-stage process

  • Stage 1: The quality of the application form is assessed.
  • Stage 2: Selected applicants are invited for interview at the British Council office in their country of origin.
  • Stage 3: Selected applicants apply to the university.
  • Stage 4: Scholarships confirmed once applicant is accepted by the university.

The deadline for receipt of applications has now been extended to 23:55 UK time on Tuesday 1 March 2016.