winners of british council 70th anniversary scholarships

British Council has launched the second edition of its 70th Anniversary Scholarship programme for Indian Women to pursue a master’s programme in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) in the United Kingdom. 

The scholarship programme, valued at GBP 1 million,  will fund full tuition for 70 Indian women to study a Master’s programme in STEM for the academic year 2019-20, enabling young women to access some of the worlds best universities in UK

British Council’s investment in women scholars supports the Indian government's emphasis on women-led development and also supports its objectives as below

  • Sustainable Development Goal to achieve gender equality and empower women and girls
  • Women who are likely to become leaders in their fields over the next twenty years

Scholarship Details

The scholarships  are open to women across India. 

The scholarship will cover full tuition  for Master’s in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), programme in a UK university starting September/ October 2019.  

Living and other related expenses will be borne by the candidate or their sponsor. 

Application process

Interested students will need to submit their application for the scholarship through their chosen UK university. To find out more about institutions in the UK offering the scholarships, please refer to the document in the 'Downloads' section below.

Please follow the steps provided below

Step I:  Check your eligibility

  1. Do you plan to pursue a one year master’s programme in a STEM subject at a UK university in September 2019?
  2. Do you have an admit to a UK University offering the scholarship to pursue a STEM course of your choice? 
  3. Do you have excellent academic and extracurricular track record?
  4. Are you a woman with a valid Indian passport?

Step II: Formal admission offer for a Master’s programme in a STEM subject at a UK university

  1. Contact your UK university’s international office or scholarship team 
  2. Confirm with the UK university if you will qualify for the British Council India 70th Anniversary Scholarships 2019-20 
  3. Request that you be nominated for the scholarship

Step III: Post nomination by your UK university 

  1. Confirm with the UK university that your nomination is submitted
  2. You will be directed by the university to submit an application for the British Council India 70th Anniversary Scholarship 2019-2020 
  3. Submit a complete application before 31 January 2019
  4. Post submission, you will receive an email with the application details for your reference 

To learn more about applying to universities in the UK refer to  

British Council India 70th Anniversary Scholarships: Opportunities and Expectations

The scholarships will offer women the chance to study at some of the leading UK universities, work in world-class research environments and collaborate with international research teams. British Council will also train the scholars to enable them to create an impact of their work in STEM through effective use of social media and science communication. 

Learn more about last year scholar experiences in the UK