Are you looking for an opportunity to build your entrepreneurial and professional skills?

Dynamic and evolving professional requirements are leading to a massive skills gap in many parts of the world, including in India. According to a report in 2019 by ILO, 66% of Indian businesses say they are looking for different skills in employees, with 53% saying it is becoming harder to find employees with the required skillset. Globally, 60% of employers say new graduates are not well-prepared for current work.

The UK Alumni Entrepreneur Training Awards is for UK alumni who are currently entrepreneurs and business leaders and have started their own small/medium size businesses and social enterprise. We hope this programme will not only help alumni to stay ahead of the curve and develop key skills needed in entrepreneurship, but also extend this opportunity to their teams, who can benefit from the excellence of industry endorsed UK education.

The programme aims to provide upskilling opportunities for the alumni & their teams to build capacity in their company. Through this programme the alumni and their teams will gain UK training and learning that will help them excel and achieve their ambitions as young entrepreneurs. This opportunity will provide online UK Learning and Development opportunity for their staff/employees and themselves.

 Each organisation can nominate maximum 30 people.  One organisation can choose one course from the listed options.


The objective behind this program is: 

  • Provide opportunity to alumni to build their entrepreneurial and professional skills
  • Build capacity of UK alumni and their companies while sharing entrepreneurial development information and opportunities connected to the UK.
  • Establish and re- establish connections and foster a long-term relationship between the UK alumni and the UK
  • Extend the opportunity to the alumni’s professional teams and empower them with a UK training

Courses Offered

One organisation can choose one course from the listed options.

  • Commercial Acumen CDP : This course will offer a strong understanding of the business world and an organization's market and environment, backed by a ready grasp of what the company needs to do to succeed. Understanding of the Discovery and Creation views of entrepreneurship, and learn how to identify new opportunities which add value to your company
  • Data Visualisation: The aim of the course is to examine the ‘information processing cycle’ which relies on data to drive information, and help in increasing the ability of managers and leaders to make informed decisions. At the end participant will be able to understand the need of data and will be able to analyse the data for their organisation.  
  • Global Transportation and Digital ManagementThis course aims to equip Alumni with the necessary skills and expertise to address the complex challenges of global transportation management. This course enables Alumni to critically evaluate the role of digital technologies in the design and operation of modern transportation systems.

Click here to apply. Last date to submit responses 10 May 2022, 17.00hrs (IST)