Alumni Workshops

Career and Employability workshops for UK Alumni

The British Council is delighted to announce an Alumni Programme to support and build long term relationship with the alumni around the world, support their professional ambitions and keep them closely connected. We want to support alumni and provide skill development opportunities which will help them make the most of their UK education.

As a part of the programme we are offering short- term courses to UK alumni help them enhance thier skills that give them an edge in their profession and career development aspirationsand provide an opportunity to enhance their skills.

The objective of this programme is to:

  • Provide opportunities to alumni to build professional skills.
  • Share professional development information and opportunities connected to the UK.
  • Establish and facilitate a long-term relationship between the UK alumni and the UK.

The workshops will be held twice a week as per the schedule given below. The workshops are free of costs . 

Workshop Date   Day &Time
Academic writing development and research  18 November - 17 December 2021 Thursday & Friday, 06.30-08.30pm (IST)
Project Management    27 November - 19 December 2021   Saturday & Sunday, 06.00-09.00pm (IST)
Change Management  03 December  2021- 29 January 2022  Friday & Saturday, 06.30-08.30pm (IST)

Workshop Topics

Academic writing development and research

Workshop will be delivered by University of Sheffield, This course aims to raise awareness of the expectations, standards, frameworks and conventions of academic writing for postgraduate students. It will focus on the skills that postgraduate students need for successful study including project management, critical thinking, ethics and integrity, sustainability and inclusivity, and problem solving.  The course will also give you an opportunity to increase your confidence and ability in academic writing skills through a number of writing tasks which will be given personalised tutor feedback. Course will aim to Increase confidence and improve ability in academic writing skills at postgraduate level including the writer’s voice, effective use of sources and criticality.

Project Management

Workshop will be delivered by The Academy of Leadership and Management, The aim of the programme is provide practical knowledge and skills related to the successful design, planning, delivery and evaluation of projects. Indicative content:

  • Benefits of Project Management
  • Key project management terminology & project sponsors stakeholders and scope .
  • Methods of reducing project time and costs.
  • Characterstics of project managers.
  • Resource analysis and re-scheduling etc. 

By the end of the programme, participants should be able to Manage the project in an organisation and evaluate their own ability to manage a project. 

Change Management

Workshop will be delivered by University of Glasgow, This course is designed for business professionals or graduate students who want to develop the management and leadership skills necessary to succeed in a more senior managerial role. 

Being able to personally and managerially lead and manage change, often on a national or global basis, is a key and in-demand skill for 21st-century professionals. This course can be used as a pathway course into one of the many industries where effective change management is necessary. 


The workshops will be conducted virtually and pre-course tasks will be shared with you closer to date. Registration for the respective programme are on first come first served basis.