(L-R)  Social Impact Award Winner Ruchi Shah, Entrepreneurial Award Winner Sushant Desai and Professional Achievement Award Winner Dr. Saumya Saxena at Study UK Alumni Awards 2018 ceremony. Congratulations to the three winners.  ©

British Council

Alumni Awards celebrate the achievement of international alumni who have studied at a UK institution within the last ten years. The awards honour the outstanding achievements made by business professionals, entrepreneurs and community leaders who can demonstrate how their UK education has impacted on their subsequent success.

British Council India is delighted to announce the winners for Alumni Awards 2018. The winners for each category are:

Professional Achievement Award

Dr. Saumya Saxena - University of Cambridge and University of Oxford

Dr. Saumya has assisted the Law Commission in India in the field on possible amendments to personal law codes and assessing the feasibility of a uniform civil code. She has also published extensively on the subject of personal law in newspapers and also has a number of academic publications. Her work with Justice Verma Committee which was set up to revise Rape Laws in India has had an impact on every woman in the country. Dr. Saumya has pursued an Honourable Ph.D., Faculty of History from University of Cambridge.

Entrepreneurial Award

Sushant Desai - University of Edinburgh

Mr. Desai completed his Master of Science in Management from University of Edinburgh and later went on to co-found Camphor Cinema in 2012 to provide an international platform for unique Indian stories and Sitting Duck Pictures (2015) that develops and produces global film content with worldwide sales and offers top value to investors. His first Production ‘Ramanujan’ was critically acclaimed and bagged a lot of awards including the Best Production Award at Norway's NTFF in 2015. Through Sitting Duck Pictures and Camphor Cinema, he aims at developing and producing other interesting films.

Social Impact Award

Ruchi Shah - University of the Arts London

Ruchi is very well known and often featured illustrator in India. Having published over 10 multilingual books so far, with prominent publishers like Pratham Books and Tulika Books. Her books- Creative Commons and StoryWeaver have been read more than 10,000 times by different children, and have been translated by the same children/parents into more than 17 global languages. She wants to continue bringing better contextual content and quality within the world of Children's Literature in India.

Congratulations to the winners.