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British Council is very proud of its scholars and we look for opportunities to highlight their experience at the UK universities, dwelling on the educational facilities, the varied opportunities & activities offered by the universities, the excitement at the campus, education quality, scholarships etc. We bring here some of their experiences for you. 

Jubilee scholar Anjul Khadria shares his UK experience

"The time I spent at University College London (UCL) as a Jubilee scholar, felt like living in the centre of the world. I am grateful to the British Council for providing me with this opportunity. 

So many nation builders, Nobel Prize winners, inventors, entertainers and activists; pioneers from all walks of life and backgrounds, have benefited from this unique experience, and I feel humbled to have got an opportunity to be educated in a world class institution that UCL had to offer. Opportunities and resources available to me as a member of UCL and resident of London were incredible. Within the campus, I found my friends from all parts of the world engaged in pioneering and astonishingly diverse projects. As I stepped outside the campus, the overwhelming experience of one of the world’s greatest cities awaited me. 

Studying at UCL was challenging but equally rewarding. I got a chance to work under the guidance of one of the world’s leading scientists in the field of nano-medicine, and I couldn’t have asked for a better research apprenticeship. The Masters programme provided me rigorous training, and the department’s faculty were very supportive to me. I was nominated as the Student Representative of my department, and later also acted as a student representative of the Faculty of Medical Sciences at UCL. While I grew immensely academically, such leadership roles helped me grow as a person as well. 

In London I made some great friends, and the city has become a second home. I loved walking through the colourful streets of London. From the futuristic Bionic Man displayed at the Science Museum, to the ancient Rosetta stone at the nearby British Museum, from the scintillating nightlife of Leicester Square, to the awe-inspiring fireworks at London Eye on New Year’s Eve, the diversity that London offered was unrivalled. The diversity I experienced in London was inspiring and has generated a greater desire to understand things in depth.

Not only was my time at UCL a personally enriching experience, the experience helped me gain a Clarendon scholarship to pursue my PhD at Oxford University. As I look forward to my 4 years at Oxford, I shall be ever grateful to this life transforming opportunity that British Council gave me to study at UCL. The care taken by the staff in making the Jubilee Scholars comfortable was exceptional, and I hope many students benefit from the programs British Council offers."