Youth networking event
Participants in a networking event

Youth Network is a global youth network comprising young people roughly 18 to 35 years old. The vision of the network is to “connect people (across communities, countries and sectors) who are working to create a better world” and to meet the goal of empowering 20 million young people in order to make a positive change in their community by 2020. 

The network will achieve this through its core purpose, to bring people together and give them the tools to make things happen via three overlapping touch points (local, virtual, global) – working organically but with an overarching brand and identity, and common virtual platform.  

In India, the network will be piloted that is self sustaining in the long run, link the India network with the South Asia and global network that advocates for the British Council and extends the impact of our work. This network will incorporate our work with Active Citizens, Climate Champions and Global Change-makers.