A survey of the social enterprise landscape in India

Social Enterprise acts as fertile ground for developing relationships of trust between business, government and civil society, UK and globally. The India programme started in 2012 and has been engaged with areas including capacity building, networking and research through effective partnerships with key institutions and organisations in India and the UK.

Moving on and based on the imminent relevance of the sector in both countries, we plan to further contribute towards development of an enabling ecosystem in India through facilitating appropriate collaborative partnerships between India and UK for the following:

  • Capacity Building – support social entrepreneurs and social enterprises to develop, grow and scale through training, mentoring, consultancy and access to investment.
  • Education Systems – Support social entrepreneurship to become embedded in the curricula and ethos of higher education institutions – promoting strategic research and collaboration opportunities as well as innovative schools programmes.
  • Government Engagement and Policy – Create forums to share UK experience and best practices among key interlocutors in India towards creating an enabling environment and eco-system for social enterprises to succeed.
  • Corporate Engagement – Leverage the success stories in India as well as in the UK in the social enterprise sector, facilitate programmes that promote and disseminate a culture of collaboration and investment for social economy