We support societies whose young people, citizens and institutions contribute to a more inclusive, open and prosperous world by combining UK leadership, expertise and adapting best practices in social enterprise as well as interlink sports for development within underprivileged communities. In India, women and girl empowerment has been one of our cross cutting theme within all our programmes. We have tailored our projects within Social Enterprise and Sports for development for young girls and women of India.

Social Enterprise: facilitating growth of social economy

The UK with its international reputation in social enterprise over the years – the enabling and sustainable eco- system, legal framework and policy structures – does offer huge potential for emerging and large economies like India  an opportunity to explore newer and innovative approaches to economic and social development.

We combine and facilitate sharing of knowledge, experience best practices in the UK with Indian interlocutors to design programmes and trainings to help and promote young social entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into social enterprises by providing them necessary skills and resources. We also develop and connect UK expertise with Indian Social Entrepreneurs to scale up their work through training, mentoring, consultancy and access to investment.

Premier Skills: Sports for Development

Premier Skills is a global collaborative project of the English Premier League, UK and the British Council.  Part of the Premier League’s corporate social responsibility ambitions, the project uses football as a tool to help develop both community coaching and English language skills. Its courses are designed to train aspiring sports coaches and youth leaders to return to their own communities and enhance impact of their existing football sessions, whilst also developing their leadership and English language communication skills for a greater understanding of the role football can play in tackling social issues.

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