UK alumni

As part of 2016 UK-India Year of Education Research and Innovation, the British Council announced the UK Alumni Digital Innovation Fund to help alumni associations in India be self-sustainable.

UK Alumni Digital Innovation Fund 2016: Results

Here are the winning entries for 2016:

Alumni Chapter Title of project
ABS Ahmedabad                          ASPIRE (Alumni and Students' Platform for Interaction, Reach-out and Engagement) 
ABS Chennai UREKA INDIA (UK Relations Enhanced through Konnecting Alumni)
ABS Pune Linking and Meeting

About the fund

The Alumni Digital Innovation Fund is established to promote and fund innovative digital ideas that contribute to expansion of UK alumni membership. It is available for the Association of British Scholars (ABS) chapters across 25 cities in India, as well as other UK University associations to bid for competitively, to 1) build connections between alumni and current students to foster a sense of community and continuity between generations and 2) provide networking opportunities to facilitate personal and professional connections and learning opportunities to recently returned young alumni.

The bid proposals must implement interactive communications, outreach and programming so that UK alumni, who are the primary audience, are well informed and engaged with the UK. More specifically, they must: 

  • Demonstrate creativity, culture and innovation at their heart
  • Be intended for an alumni audience primarily in India, though they can have a wider reach that includes the UK


Applicants must preferably be one of the 25 Association of British Scholars (ABS) chapters in India, or be associated with the UK university alumni networks in India, and be able to develop new digital projects or experiences that are practical and have potential to successfully reach new audiences at scale.