#PlayYourPart - favourite Shakespeare moment

About #PlayYourPart campaign: 

The year 2016, will mark 400 years since William Shakespeare’s death. It is a unique moment to celebrate his genius and the inspiration he has given to millions of people through the ages. As part of a collaborative exercise, we are asking individuals from around the world to share their favourite Shakespeare moment on social media, to celebrate Shakespeare’s enduring legacy.


How to share: 

Tell us in 30 seconds or less (no problem if it is more) one endurinig memory of Shakespeare and his work and how it impacted you. You may refer to the following script for suggestions on what to say and record.

Script template: I am [insert your name]. My favourite Shakespeare moment is from the play [name of the play]: [add quote] because [add reason].   

You can record a selfie video using your smartphone device and share it on Twitter or Facebook using #PlayYourPart. 

About Shakespeare Lives 2016:

In collaboration with the British Government’s GREAT Britain Campaign, the British Council is organising Shakespeare Lives: a global programme to celebrate his work and enduring global influence and impact.

In conjunction with a host of partners including theatres, museums, institutions, educators and artists, Shakespeare Lives will include new productions of Shakespeare’s plays, film adaptations, art exhibitions, public readings and educational resources for schools and English language learners of all ages.