Students in a classroom
Students in a classroom

We reconciled our global messaging and positioning with the Indian legal requirements and the ISA programme in India received a name change. The International School Award was renamed International Dimension in Schools (IDS) with effect from October 2020. 

The programme was introduced in the year 2003 and nearly 5000 schools across the country joined this exciting journey since then. The programme was present in 31 countries worldwide. The range of schools that participated in the programme varied from well-resourced private schools to government schools from rural areas and schools for the less advantaged communities. 

After a successful run of more than a decade, the programme is now closed.

What is International Dimension in Schools?

International Dimension in Schools programme supported schools that were committed to embedding international awareness and global citizenship within their school curriculum and processes. We encouraged this by supporting schools in completing collaborative, curriculum-based work with a number of international partner schools and the involvement of the wider community. Over the last fourteen years, more than 2500 schools have successfully completed this journey and developed new ways to embed international education in their schools.


What is the IDS certification?

What you receive for completing the International Dimension in Schools journey varies depending on the level you have achieved. Schools that receive the International Dimension in Schools certification also receive:

  • a kitemark to display on the school website and other communications
  • certificate of achievement for leading teachers and coordinators to embed internationalism in the curriculum

Please note the certification is not an accreditation of the school nor does it provide assurance of the general quality standards of the school like infrastructure, quality of teaching, teaching pedagogy, and health and safety. 

Contact details

The International Dimension in Schools programme is closed and we will not be accepting any new or re-registration for it. Over the last fourteen years, we have helped thousands of young students in India to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitude for life and work in our interconnected world.

Our free classroom resources are still available for schools, offering engaging lesson plans for a wide range of curriculum areas.