What do accredited members get

A school that completes the Foundation Certificatel will be awarded with

  • Certificates to school, Principal and International School Award Coordinator.

A school that completes the Intermediate Certificate will be awarded with 

  • Certificates to school, Principal, International School Award Coordinator(s)
  • Plaque to the school.

A school that completes theBritish Council International School Award journey meeting the minimum required standards is entitled to the following privileges as part of the Award:

  • ISA trophy for the school.
  • Certificates for school, Principal, ISA Coordinator and up to 10 members of the ISA team in school.
  • Use of the coveted ISA kite mark on all official stationery and promotional materials for 3 years
  • Invitation to attend the annual British Council School Awards  Ceremony and associated seminars.

The outstanding schools will have the opportunity to showcase their portfolios at British Council  offices and  libraries, speak at British Council  events as resource persons, participate in selected events and  workshops and  get invited to join the ISA assessment panel in the future. Many schools have often said  that the learning journey is the biggest reward of ISA.


"Since the introduction of ISA in our school, our teaching methodology and perception of the subjects have  undergone a sea  change. With the world fast becoming a global village it has become imperative for us (teachers and students) to think and act as global citizens."