Once your school receives the International School Award you will want to know what you can do next. Your school is now hungry for more challenges and your students expect more excitement in the classroom. Here are some tips to keep the enthusiasm going:

British Council Schools Online

Keep on to our Schools Online website because we bring  you new activities to participate in each year. Also plan in advance to participate in at least some template projects and online activities that match your goal for the year.


The International School Award accreditation is for three years only. Schools will need to re-apply for accreditation. The reaccreditation process is similar to the process followed to get the accreditation for the first time. Reaccreditation gives a chance for new staff that has joined the school to understand the programme to participate and  learn innovative ways of adding global dimension to their classroom. It will also give you the opportunity to renew your old networks and re-connect with peers and like-minded schools updating your professional skills in the process. ISA is an evolving programme and  each year more supporting resources are being added to the offer to make it a richer experience for schools and to keep the programme fresh and updated. If you are working towards re-accreditation you are still advised to read the guidance notes carefully to ensure that you are abreast with new changes in process and success criteria.