Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning is a completely free and flexible programme,  through which schools from across the globe get an opportunity to collaborate with partner schools from the UK. This programme helps to equip pupils understand the big issues that shape out world and equip them with the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to make a positive contribution.  The programme is delivered in partnership with the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development office.

Summary of Project

Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning partnerships is a platform for schools to engage, identify, build and collaborate for partnerships for mutual benefit with school in the UK.  The schools who have worked together as partners during the course of their International Dimension in Schools (IDS, previously known as ISA in India) activities and are successful in building their partnerships, get an opportunity to move a step forward and apply for Connecting Classrooms funding to sustain and strengthen their partnerships further.

A school gets an opportunity to apply for either Cluster partnerships funding, One on One partnership funding or online partnership funding.

 To know more about the programme, check eligibility criteria and find other relevant information, please visit:     

Objectives of Connecting Classrooms though Global learning partnerships Funding

  • Schools get to work together on projects linked to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that is related to CoP26.
  • Share best practice and acquire transferable skills that help pupils develop the attitudes they need to live and work in global economy
  • Schools get an opportunity to build and sustain international collaboration, enhance their professional development
  • Schools are able to broaden their horizon and exchange information and exciting new learning opportunity