The India UK Education Connections (IUEC) programme seeks to work closely with UK organisations that have expertise in the Schools, STEM, English, Skills and Higher Education sectors and a contextual understanding of working in South Asia or other developing contexts.

We expect to seek suppliers / partners for:

  • Training and capacity building: organisations that work at scale on teacher professional development
  • Gender equality: organisations that focus on gender equality in education including empowering and creating opportunities for women and girls
  • Content: organisations that have content, curricula and certificated courses related to the focus areas
  • Digital platforms: organisations that have or can develop digital tools, platforms, applications and learner management systems to support the focus areas
  • Assessment: organisations that have experience in designing assessments and quality assuring assessment systems
  • Quality assurance, monitoring and evaluation: organisations which work in quality assurance of large-scale projects and have expertise in designing and implementing monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) frameworks, standards frameworks, gender and equity frameworks or Continuing Professional Development frameworks
  • Internationalisation and employability: organisations that promote and support internationalisation and employability agendas

Connect with us

If your institution is interested in exploring partnerships in any of the above areas, please write to us at

Opportunities will be listed on the British Council’s e-Tendering portal hosted at and international development opportunities site: