Newton-Bhabha Fund PhD Placement Programme 2020

About the programme

The Newton-Bhabha Fund fosters long-term sustainable research collaborations between UK and India.

Newton Bhabha Fund's PhD Placements programme provides funding to support short-term Ph.D. placements between UK and Indian institutions. The grant is presented by the Department for Business Energy & Industrial Strategy in the UK and ­Ministry of Science and Technology in India, along with the British Council in India, the Department of Science and Technology (DST), the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) and Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR).

Results for the PhD Placement 2020, co-funded by Department of Biotechnology (DBT), are now declared. Please check the downloads section below for the list of successful applicants.

Aim of the programme

The programme is envisaged to:

  • Develop individual capacity through international training and development opportunities.
  • Increase the number of trained researchers in the UK and India to foster research and innovation in the two countries.  
  • Build cultural understanding and foster long-term sustainable research collaborations.
  • Develop international joint training pathways.
  • Increase awareness of the research strengths of the UK and India.

Eligibility criteria

In the UK, the scheme is open only for UK scholars pursuing their PhD at a UK higher education institution. Please see the list of eligible UK institutions in the downloads section below. 

In India, the scheme is open only for Indian PhD scholars enrolled at Indian higher education institutions with the following criteria:

  1.  INSPIRE PhD Senior Research Fellows (SRFs) of Batch 2017 are eligible to apply for a STEM and Life Sciences subjects.
  2. PhD Scholar (other than INSPIRE Fellows) pursuing PhD in mid second or third year of Life Sciences are eligible to apply.
  3. ICSSR Doctoral Fellows or registered PhD scholars (full time) studying in second or third year of Social Sciences are eligible to apply.

Costs covered

  •  Visa fee, economy class international airfares and overseas travel insurance for PhD scholars.
  • In-country costs including accommodation and stipend for PhD scholars
  • Bench fees (if applied for) by UK host university


For British Council India: Purti Kohli at

For DST – India: Tamana Arora: 

For DBT – India: Dr Ketan Thorat:

For ICSSR: Mr Mahesh Madhukar: