Assessment and Evaluation of English Language Teacher Education, Teaching and Learning

British Council in partnership with the English and Foreign Languages University (EFL-U) of India, Hyderabad held the second international conference for English language teacher educators from 3 - 5 March 2012 at the Hyderabad International Convention Centre, Hyderabad.

The conference focussed on the theme of Assessment and Evaluation of English Language Teacher Education, Teaching and Learning. The theme was designed to focus our attention on the importance of setting, achieving and maintaining standards which lead to better quality and more accountability, not just at the practitioner level, but also at the programme levels. 

The teacher educator conference (TEC12) brought together over 1200 teacher educators from all over the world to discuss, debate and make policy level recommendations for teacher education with a focus on English language teaching, learning and research. TEC12 featured plenary sessions, panel discussions and parallel sessions on the conference themes – programme evaluation, assessing and evaluating continuing professional development, teacher assessment and certification, assessing language capability, continuous comprehensive evaluation, evaluating teacher performance. The speakers included Geetha Durarirajan, R Amritavalli, Jacob Tharu, Rod Bolitho, Marianne Tudor-Craig, Adrian Tennant, Rama Mathew, Amol Padwad among others.

The conference was partnered by ELTAI and IATEFL and sponsored by Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Trinity, Young India Films.

Conference Themes

  1. Programme Evaluation
  2. Assessing and Evaluating Continuing Professional Development
  3. Teacher Assessment and Certification
  4. Assessing Language Capability
  5. Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation
  6. Evaluating Teacher Performance

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