The British Council and Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Uttar Pradesh in partnership with UNICEF established the UP Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya (KGBV) project in November 2017. This project expects to work with 746 English teachers and will impact over 7460 KGBV learners per year.

UP KGBV aims to develop teachers’ English proficiency and encourage them to use more learner-centred approaches in their classrooms in order to develop learners’ exposure to the language and active involvement to improve learning outcomes.

Key activities

Scoping study

In December 2017 the British Council carried out a scoping study, visiting 42 KGBV schools across nine districts in UP. In each KGBV school a classroom observation of an English lesson was carried out and each school’s warden was interviewed. A series of focus groups with learners were also held to gauge their interest in and thoughts about learning English. The purpose of the study was to ensure that our project activities reflect and address the requirements of English teachers and learners in KGBVs in UP. 

Materials development

It is expected that all the materials used in Year 1 UP KBGV Master Trainer and teacher training activities will promote and model a multilingual approach. New modules are being designed to meet the specific needs of the KGBV English teachers. All the training materials will reflect the UP KGBV classroom context by utilising the UP state textbooks and working towards the state’s prescribed learning outcomes for Standards 6-8. Over 30 hours of new training content is being developed for Year 1 teacher training.

Direct training

In Year 1 (2018-19) the following training activity is planned.

  • two blocks of six days of training to 50 UP Master trainers delivered by British Council Training Consultants.
  • two blocks of four days of training to 746 English teachers delivered by UP Master Trainers.
  • project management training with government officials to build capacity and their awareness of how to effectively manage, implement and evaluate teacher education activities.