English Partnerships team work together with state governments across India to improve primary level teachers' English language confidence and proficiency. We also focus on developing teachers' knowledge of learning centred teaching methodology, and helping them to convert this knowledge into action in the classroom. We do this by working with our state partners to identify and train a cadre of teacher educators who can then in turn train primary teachers in large numbers.

We aim to move beyond a dependency on formal face-to-face training events by building in varied opportunities for continuing professional development involving innovative resources and a variety of distribution channels. These development opportunities are designed to meet the needs of key stakeholder groups including government administrators, head teachers, teacher educators and teachers.

The content of our primary level projects is aligned closely to the curriculum and course books in use within the state, informed by detailed needs analysis studies. Our interventions involve ongoing planning and consultation with our partners through steering committee and academic team meetings.

We follow an outcomes based approach to our project design, identifying the expected changes in knowledge and skills for all relevant stakeholders at the outset and reviewing these during project delivery. We monitor and evaluate our projects against these anticipated outcomes, identified indicators and targets. Our overall goal is to create sustainable, long term impact, improving the teaching and learning of English in all primary classrooms.

Our projects