Teachers engaged in an activity at the teacher training in Sambalpur, Odisha.

The British Council and Government of Odisha are working together to develop the spoken English communication skills of learners from 141 secondary schools in the state, a part of the Mo School initiative. The vision of the project is to enable improved life opportunities for learners in these secondary schools, by building the capacity of the teachers to deliver high quality English language teaching at secondary level. The project is working with teachers from 100 Odisha Adarsh Vidyalaya, 30 Zilla High Schools and 11 other schools.

Project objectives

The main aims of the Mo School – English communication and life skills project include:

For Class 9 learners in 141 schools to:

  • experience high quality English language teaching
  • have access to opportunities to develop
  • practise the English skills necessary for employment and future opportunities
  • participate actively in regular spoken English communication classes using the British Council English Communication and Life Skills course within the school timetable.

For 141 English teachers to:

  • effectively deliver a customised British Council spoken English communication and life skills course to their learners
  • develop their English language proficiency, understanding and use of specified learning-centred classroom approaches and techniques
  • build their awareness of the benefits of continuing professional development to boost their skills, knowledge and classroom practice

Key activities

  • training of teachers – Teachers will receive ten days of face-to-face training conducted by the British Council. In addition, they will participate in the six-week British Council myEnglish blended digital course to develop their English proficiency. The teachers will also be oriented to the British Council’s suite of online CPD resources, including MOOCs, publications, websites and teacher development videos. 
  • establishment of WhatsApp groups for digital communities of practice to complement the face to face trainings. WhatsApp groups have been created for teachers to provide on-going support, communication and access to professional development. 
  • webinars for principals to orientate the principals of 141 schools, British Council will conduct a webinar detailing the project and outlining the principals’ role in supporting the project. 
  • PowerPoint presentations for parents to increase their awareness of the English Communications and Life Skills Course, British Council will train 141 teachers to conduct an orientation for parents of Class 9 learners involved in the project. 
  • monitoring and evaluation will support project implementation and capture impact through baseline and endline learner assessments, classroom observations, focus groups and a range of qualitative evidence. Findings are then fed back into the project planning cycle.