English for All Mumbai
English for All Mumbai

English for All Mumbai or EfA is an innovative five-year project which is a partnership between the British Council and the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) to improve primary teachers English language teaching standards in Mumbai’s public schools.

Project objectives

This project aims to address the needs of the primary school teachers and learners in the public schools of Mumbai by providing effective English teaching and learning. It aims to provide Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) with a coherent, high quality and sustainable model for teacher education, which will improve the quality of instruction and ultimately raise the level of English proficiency among both teachers and learners in MCGM schools.


By the end of the first 24 months of the project, Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) will have a permanent cadre of 30 English Language Teacher Educators in place. These Teacher Educators:

  • will have improved their English proficiency by at least one CEFR* level
  • will be able to show their understanding of the principles and practices underlying the NCF (2005) and how these can be applied in the primary school classroom.
  • will be able to effectively plan and conduct teacher training sessions for MCGM teachers 
  • will be able to conduct developmental observations of MCGM primary school teachers which will include giving constructive feedback.   

Teacher Educators will deliver 20 days of training per year to MCGM teachers. After 40 days of training:

  • MCGM primary school teachers (Grades I-IV) will have improved their English proficiency by at least 1 CEFR * level 
  • at least 70% of MCGM primary school teachers (Grades I-IV) will be able to implement child-centred methodology in teaching English in line with the principles of the NCF (2005) 
  • at least 70% of MCGM primary school teachers (Grades I-IV) will use English in their lessons and provide opportunities for their students to use English in a variety of interactive and meaningful ways that are relevant to their needs and context. 

* Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment.

Key activities

The key activities of the project are as follows

  • Baseline Study - to assess the current levels, teaching practices and needs of teachers through baseline study observations, focus groups and questionnaires
  • Teacher Educator Selection - 30 Teacher Educators will be selected based on language level, qualification and teaching experience
  • Face-to-face training - Training will be delivered to Teacher Educators in an initial intensive block of 30 days and subsequently in smaller blocks spread throughout the academic year to total 60 days. 
  • Teachers will attend training in batches of 40, conducted by Teacher Educators for 20 days per academic year on a day release model.  Initially this training will concentrate on improving language proficiency and confidence amongst teachers and will then focus on teaching methodology for the primary classroom.  
  • Monitoring and Evaluation – will be conducted throughout the project, including a baseline, midline and end line study. This will allow us to track the progress of the teachers and Teacher Educators towards the objectives and outcomes of the programme.

What the Teacher Educators say

Every new day is a new lesson learnt, the same way I progress and I make up to success in it and will always try my best the same way with same energy and enthusiasm. Thus the gradual increment in my confidence level, my teaching procedure and therefore get a content feeling moving ahead with an optimistic attitude.                                             

I just smile nowadays more in the class, it’s my awareness that has helped me to understand the trainer notes, stop when it’s too much and start by asking trainees to be initiators…best part is I feel my language is rich as I use phrases and idioms naturally at a correct time…training is fun with learning and not just a mechanical target I try to achieve every week. 


EfA Mumbai completed two years in March 2015. 16 new Teacher Educators were recruited to join the original group of 31 and thus strengthening the group further. Approximately 4800 teachers were trained by 47 Teacher Educators. 

MCGM will now take over the project as well as the teacher training for the remaining 4800 teachers. 

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