English Language Quality Standards Programme

The English Language Quality Standards Programme is a new, collaborative initiative that will contribute significantly to the private sector's ability to deliver high quality English language education. By combining quality resources with realistic but exacting quality standards, the programme aims to have a very positive impact on learner outcomes. 

Through the ELQS Programme we offer:

Consultancy: sign up for our Consultancy Service and let us help you build a platform for continuous improvement.

Developmental resources: access our online resources and learn more about how to develop the quality of your English language programmes of study.

Quality assurance: join the English Language Quality Standards Membership Network and become part of the group of schools who have been quality assured by the British Council.

Consultancy service

The Consultancy Service consists of:

  • a self-diagnostic test
  • an on-site visit
  • a collaborative action plan
  • a customised pathway of training and developmental resources.

Developmental resources

The developmental resources consist of:

  • Online resources for learners
  • Online resources for teachers
  • On-line moderated teacher training courses
  • Aptis for teachers
  • Quality Improvement Resources bank


The English Language Quality Standards Membership Network

To become a member of the ELQS Membership Network schools are assessed through an on-site review of their English language programmes of study. Membership is achieved by institutions who are operating at level 4 of the Quality Standards Framework. 

Membership allows you to:

  • demonstrate to your stakeholders your clear commitment to quality through the use of the Quality Standards marque and by being part of this exclusive network.
  • measure and demonstrate the quality of your English language programmes of study, the professional development of your teachers and the progress of your students against international norms.
  • access developmental resources at discounted rates and engage in a process of continuous improvement.

Quality standards

Objective benchmarking is an essential part of quality improvement and how learning institutions present themselves to the outside world. Standards are fundamental to student satisfaction and are the basis of a positive working environment and a positive learning environment. They are similarly fundamental to the development of English language programmes of study, of the English language sector in India in general, and of high linguistic achievement for students.

In collaboration with our partners, the British Council has developed an India specific Quality Standards Framework. This framework describes quality in relation to 10 standards and five developmental levels and allows learning institutions to situate the quality of their English language programmes of study against international norms. The Quality Standards Framework is an essential tool for continuous improvement.

The British Council and quality assurance in English language education

The British Council is a world authority on the teaching and learning of English.

We have been involved in the direct teaching of English for over 80 years and operate a very successful global network of teaching centres that conform to a set of rigorously monitored standards.

In the UK, the British Council manages Accreditation UK, The United Kingdom's quality assurance scheme for university and colleges of further education language centres, private language schools and international study centres. 

In conjunction with our state sector teacher development work and our work in examinations, this experience and expertise has established the British Council as a guarantor of quality standards in English language teaching and learning. 

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