About the play:

Theatre Garage Project presented Fired by Hamlet, a production by Michael Moritz, at the British Council, Delhi on 17, 18 & 20 December. It was supported by the Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi.

A company of travelling actors find themselves in crises. They find themselves at a lose end; they’re out of shows and have no money left.  So, they decide to try their luck in Helsingor. Prince Hamlet of Denmark they hear is looking for just such a company.

They are excited and nervous. What does Helsingor hold for this motley crew? As the play unfolds, we find them struggling for food and fame. They share with us their aspirations, ambitions, hopes and fears. 

Will Prince Hamlet hire them to play permanently at court? Will all their secret prayers be answered? Or are there other, more interesting surprises in store for them?

Fired by Hamlet is rooted in Commedia del Arte and Shakespeare. The parts are all the stock characters of that genre. The play has been built through a series of commedia and physical theatre improvisations.


Language: English, Hindi, Gibberish 

Genre: Physical Comedy 


Director's Note: Prof Michael Moritz

Fired by Hamlet is a piece dealing with the fears, ambitions and desires of people away from home. This company of actors could even simply be a family of people who have left everything behind in search of a better life. On the long journey they struggle with hunger and cold weather. However, they have a ray of hope in Prince Hamlet, who, they have heard, is looking for a theatre company to play a famous pantomime, the mousetrap, at the Helsingør court.

Hamlet has his own plans as to how they should go about it. But the company is unable to perform it his way for they come from an entirely different culture. Integrating Hamlet’s ideas in the play is not easy for them but they do it to the best of their ability. Hamlet, however has no interest in their culture. He does not care much for these foreigners , be it actors, a family of labourers or any body else for that matter.

They don’t fit his taste. So it’s no problem at all for him to fire them and look for another group instead who will work according to his wishes. For the company, this rejection is a big fiasco. Yet they will never quit travelling; they will never quit hoping...


Shows in New Delhi:

Dates Venue Timing  
17 December  The Theatre, British Council, New Delhi 7 pm   
18 December  The Theatre, British Council, New Delhi 7 pm  
20 December The Theatre, British Council, New Delhi 7 pm  


Cast & Credits:


Ashwath Bhatt- Magnifico

Amba Suhasini Jhala- Columbina

Mohit Tiwari - Stupido

Purinima Yengkokpam - Olivia

Sonmoni Sarmah- Harlequino

Shivam Pradhan- Brigella

Yogendra- Capitano

Assistant Director & Documentation: Aditi Arora

Production Incharge: Farid Azad

Production Manager: Kaizad S Gandhi

Production Design: Sangeet Shrivastava

Costume Designer: Kriti V Sharma

Poster Design: Sangeet Shrivastava

Light Designer: Gaurav Sharma

Music & Sound design: Anirbaan Ghosh

Creative Producer – Ashwath Bhatt

Concept & Direction: Prof. Michael Moritz