About the residency

Selector Pro Visual Music Residency 2020 is an opportunity for music producers, musicians and multidisciplinary artists from India who want to expand their skills around producing music, broaden their artistic boundaries and better understand the international future ecosystem around music.

Presented by Selector Pro in partnership with UnBox and Skip a Beat, the residency will include in-person training and online expert resources to enable the participants to understand producing for:

  • audiovisual performances - To help music producers who work with filmmakers and visual artists to create provocative and engaging artistic work
  • interactive media - Music producers work with classical musicians, new media artists & game designers to create a new interactive entertainment piece  
  • on-screen - Music producers work with new media artists to create new screen-based art that can be showcased at festivals and art fairs in India and abroad. 


Eligibility criteria

The opportunity is open for aspiring artists, emerging composers and mid-career music professionals including music producers, musicians and multidisciplinary artists from India.

What does the residency cover?

Besides the training, the residency would cover logistical costs including accomodation, hospitality and local transport, as well as studio and equipment set up costs for the participants. 

Please note, flights and other inter-city transport to and from the residency venue (Mumbai) will have to be borne by the participants.

About the trainers

Nainita Desai (UK)

Working at the forefront of a new wave of emerging artists, RTS and BIFA nominated composer Nainita is a BAFTA Breakthrough Brit. She has worked in British television for over two decades scoring countless BAFTA, Oscar, Emmy acclaimed productions. Her upcoming projects include feature film The Reason I Jump (BFI | Met Films), Netflix original series Bad Boy Billionaires and innovative Quibi | BBC NHU series Fierce Queens.

Tejas Nair (India)

Tejas is a creative professional who curates media arts events including the EyeMyth Festival. He is also a prominent electronic artist & performer under the moniker ‘Spryk’

Avinash Kumar (India)

Avinash is the co-founder of Quicksand, UnBox Festival, EyeMyth Festival and Future Fiction platforms. He also co-founded eminent electronica collective BLOT! - where he was a visual artist and VJ for over 10 years.


Key dates

The application closes on 24 January 2020.

The 3-day residency will be held in Mumbai from 12 to 14 February 2020.


How to apply?

There are 15 seats available for the residency, and the selection will be based on the portfolio submitted and information shared in the application form.

Interested candidates must apply online by filling the form here: http://bit.ly/selector-pro

About Selector Pro

British Council’s Selector PRO programme connects music people from around the world with specialist music experts from the UK who deliver training, share their stories and discuss local and global themes affecting the contemporary music industry. Participants include musicians, managers, producers and journalists at various stages in their careers but all interested in developing their knowledge and networks.

Selector PRO takes its name from the British Council’s Selector Radio show – broadcast weekly in over 35 countries to an audience of 4 million listeners.

For additional information and queries, please write to hello@unboxfestival.com