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The aim of the Indo-European Residency Project Kolkata is to provide a platform for cultural exchange and engagement - with the arts in all forms, with international and local artists, and with the city itself. Kolkata is steeped in a deep and overwhelming cultural history and has at the same time been a pivotal point of generating new ideas in the field of contemporary art.

This Residency offers a space for artists to engage in cultural exchange and discourse with India and Europe. The participating artists get immersed in the city of Kolkata and its cultural scene, while creating an opportunity for artists from Kolkata to gain exposure to global developments in the arts. This also places Kolkata, a cultural hub, in a more prominent place on the world map as a thriving place of interest with immense potential to be explored.

Five artists practising different art forms (from Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy and India respectively) have been selected to work and explore Kolkata from September-December through a digital platform that is specially designed for the residency.

The residency is supported by Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Kolkata, Alliance Française du Bengale, CIMA (Centre of International Modern Art) Kolkata, British Council and the Consulate General of Italy.

Alex May
Alex May

British artist in residence 

Alex May has been selected as the resident British artist for the Digital Indo-European Residency Project Kolkata 2021.

While on the residency project, Alex will be creating 3d models from objects found in Kolkata like cars, buildings, shop fronts, etc, taking them outside of their normal context, and use them as the basis for creating one or more digital sculptures that presents a dreamlike recollection of digital memories of a place that he never physically visited.

Other artists

The other selected artists are Irma Blumstock from Germany who works with images and films; Chloé Macary-Carney from France who is an artist and architect; Maria Roberti from Italy who mainly works in drawing, installations and animated videos, and Anushree Ghosh - a writer and theatre artist from India. 

For more updates on the residency visit https://ieresidencykolkata.com/home