Madras Media podcast

The Madras Medai Podcast is a series of conversations about independent music, focusing on inclusivity in the arts and culture ecosystem, monetization in music, informal practices, music technology & the business of live music. 

In partnership with Madras Medai and supported by the British Council, the series acts as a gateway to empower emerging artists within the music ecosystem and to explore new opportunities. 

Hosted by ofRo and Tenma, music producers and co-founders of Madras Medai, along with music producer and new media entrepreneur Tejas Nair aka Spryk, the podcast series looks at the past and current state of the independent music and arts ecosystem in South India and the UK and shines a light on the musical landscape in the two regions.


Episode 1- Transitioning afresh  Music producer Tenma speaks with award-winning songwriter and musician Gareth Bonello (The Gentle Good) about innovative methods to collaborate and co-exist as artists.
Episode 2- The Business of the Scene Navin   Award-winning music director, audio engineer and sound designer Tejas Nair dive into a discussion about the evolving trends in music and arts with Navin Dorai (The Original Dog) and Sarah Jones (Focus Wales).
Episode 3- Designing Community Spaces Tenma, along with Ratheesh Krishnan (SPI Edge) and Charlotte Dryden (Oh Yeah Music Centre), discuss the importance of imagining and creating spaces that present a future that is inclusive and diverse.
Episode 4- Internet Currency for Artists Music producer ofRo joins Madan Gowri and Chris Cooke (CMU) in a conversation to understand the mess that is Digital monetization.
Episode 5- Remote Artistic Collaborations ofRo speaks with composers Santhosh Narayanan and Nainita Desai about their music projects and how they cope with their productions during the lockdown. 
Episode 6- Speculating the future of Independent Arts & Music ofRo, Tenma and Tejas Nair join in the conversation to discuss the takeaways from the podcast and address the key points discussed during the episodes. 

The podcast is also available on Apple PodcastsSpotify, and Jio Saavn