myEnglish Workplace – Frequently asked questions

Course structure and content

 Q: How does the course work?

A: You study through Live Online Classes and Online Activities. There are 12 hours of live online classes with a teacher and 38 hours of guided online activities over six weeks on this course. You complete a set of online activities each week at your own pace. You attend the live online classes with the teacher as per your weekly course schedule. Usually, classes are held either once a week for two hours or twice a week for one hour each.

 myEnglish Workplace focuses helps you improve your English language skills for the workplace and develop the confidence to succeed. You practice your speaking, listening, reading and writing through a variety of topics related to the workplace and looking for a job.

Q: How do the course levels work?

A: myEnglish Workplace is available at Intermediate and Upper-intermediate levels. Each level has two courses or modules. Each course or module has 12 hours of live classes and 38 hours of guided online activities. At each level, you can do the courses or modules in any order. You can complete a full level by completing three courses e.g. you could take both myEnglish Workplace courses at one level plus any myEnglish course at the same level. Upon completing three courses at a level you move up to the next level. 

Q: Are these courses for adults?

A: Yes, the myEnglish, myEnglish Workplace and IELTS Coach courses are for adult learners, i.e., those over 18 years of age. Learners younger than 18 years will not be permitted on the course.

Q: How many students are in a class and how will I communicate with them?

A: To ensure that each student has ample time to practice in class and get individual attention from the teacher, our courses have a maximum of 20 students in a class. You will meet and interact with your teachers and classmates during the live online classes using your mic and speakers.

Q: What is the course fee for each module?

A: The price for each course or module is INR 4,750 per course for a student.

Q: Can I get a demo session of the course?

A: We run course demos every week. You can sign up to the upcoming webinars and course demos here:

Q: I am looking for a spoken English course. What is the best option for me?

A: Our courses will help you develop your skills and confidence in all language skills including speaking, writing, reading and listening. You will get plenty of opportunities during the live classes to practice your speaking and receive feedback from the teacher. Through the course you will develop your fluency, vocabulary, grammar, listening and pronunciation which are very important to help you become a better speaker. 

Q: Will I improve my grammar and vocabulary with these courses?

A: Yes, our courses will help you improve your grammar and vocabulary with plenty of interactive exercises for practice and as well as guidance and feedback from your teacher.

Q: How will the course improve my writing skills? Will I get to write essays and get feedback on them?

A: The myEnglish Workplace course will help you improve all four language skills, i.e., writing, speaking, reading and writing, for the workplace. During the course, you will have the opportunity to submit two optional writing assignments to your teacher and receive feedback.

Q: Do we have live classes, or do we get recordings of classes in these courses?

A: You will get to attend live online classes in the course. We use Zoom to deliver our live online classes which allows you to interact with your teacher and classmates. The experience is like being in any British Council class, there is a lot of interaction and opportunities to practice and work together.

Q: I am at Pre-Intermediate level but the myEnglish Workplace course is not offered at this level. What can I do?

A: If you are at the Pre-intermediate level, you can join the myEnglish course to help you improve your overall English skills.

Q. What is covered in the various courses or modules of the myEnglish course?

myEnglish Workplace Intermediate

Module 1

Succeed at interviews and take your career to a new level with this module. You will learn to prepare a CV and covering letter, attend interviews, and talk about yourself and your motivations for a role.

You will also learn the language for handling complaints, taking part in negotiations, and performance discussions while improving your conversational and email writing skills.

Module 2

Excel at presentations and enhance your report writing skills with this module. Learn to talk about products and services with figures and statistics in the context of marketing and sales.

You will also learn the language needed to convert potential leads into paying customers projects and improve your email writing skills.

myEnglish Workplace Upper-intermediate

Module 1

Write business proposals and meeting reports confidently with this module. Improve your communication skills in the context of performance appraisals, meetings and event management.

Additionally, you will learn the language to support and mentor your team and enhance your managerial skills through effective communication strategies as well as improve your email writing skills.

Module 2

Give effective feedback and improve your ability to express concerns and feelings proactively in this module. Learn the communications skills needed to talk about and deal with changes, manage projects, suggest solutions, and take part in strategic reviews.

In addition, you will learn the language needed to outline, revise, and close projects and improve your email writing skills.

 Enrolling in a course

 Q: How do I enrol in a course?

A: Visit the course page on our website and then click on the ‘get started’ button to complete the online level test and find out your level. Then you will see all the course modules available at your level. Choose the course timing that suits you, add it to your cart, fill in your contact details and complete your payment online.

Q: What are the course timings?

A: We have a range of course timings available from morning to evening with live online classes on the weekdays or weekends. Once you complete the level check and find out your level, you can see the available course timings for your level that you can choose from. We have courses starting every week.

Q: Can I change the date of my course after enrolling on it?

A: We only allow transfers as per our terms and conditions under exceptional circumstances. We have a range of weekday and weekend options available for our courses. So please choose your course timing carefully. We have a range of weekday and weekend options available for our courses. So please choose your course timing carefully.

Q: Can I go for a different level from what I scored in the level check?

A: No, learners should join the course at their level to ensure the best learning outcomes.

Q: Does the Covid-19 lockdown affect my course?

A: Our online courses will be delivered during the lockdown and there wouldn’t be any disruption for you as you can attend these courses from the comfort of your home.

Joining classes and accessing materials

Q. What are the learning materials that come with the course?

Each myEnglish Workplace course has comprehensive and interactive online study activities (over 38 hours). You will also receive a student book and guide to help you make the most out of the course. As you have access to the online course materials for 90 days after enrolment, you will even be able to access the online course materials after the course has finished.

Q: Once I buy the course, how do I join the classes and get the materials?

A: You will receive an email with your access to the course website. You’ll have access to course materials and live class links on the course website. Please check your email regularly so you don’t miss important course updates.

Q: I have a limited bandwidth internet connection. Can I join the course?

A: You need a broadband connection or a 4G mobile connection to join the course.

Q: If I miss a class, will I get a recording of it?

A: To ensure the privacy of our students, we do not record classes. Details about the topics covered are available in the student book and your teacher will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Q: Will I get a certificate after I complete the course? Will it be a physical or e-certificate?

A: Yes, you will receive an e-certificate if you successfully complete the course.

Q: Can more than one person access a single course login at a time?

A: No, the course access or login is meant for the learner who has signed up for the course only.

 Customer support

Q: Who can I talk to for more information on the course?

For course related queries, please call 0120-4569000 / 6684353, Mon-Sat 9.00 am to 6.00 pm.

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