About myEnglish


myEnglish is an innovative and exciting way of improving your English language skills. Lessons are interactive, sociable and fun with clear objectives that contribute to your overall progress and move you closer to achieving your individual language goals.

myEnglish is designed to provide you with flexible and convenient study options through a combination of face-to-face classes, live online classes, as well as guided online study. 

myEnglish is now available in Pune, Mumbai and Bengaluru! 

This course is for learners who are 18 years or above.

What you do

  • Study the British Council online programme at home, under your teacher's guidance. 
  • Upload tasks to demonstrate learning. Receive feedback from your teacher. 
  • Discuss with your teacher and classmates via forum.
  • Attend a virtual class each week. Interact, ask questions, listen to explanations and complete exercises.
  • Attend three face-to-face classes (total nine hours), for orientation, giving presentations, discussions, and to celebrate your progress. 

What you learn 

  • myEnglish teaches you real language skills for real life situations.
  • Listening, reading, writing and speaking
  • Communication in real-life contexts (e.g. work, travel, shopping)
  • Improved grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation
  • Group discussion, presentation skills and time management. 

What our students say

Over the course, I saw value in each and every topic I learned. I have learned here how to write and express myself. The course is designed very systematically. - Sangeeta Bhosekar, myEnglish student, Upper-Intermediate batch

The guidance, tips, opportunities and encouragement provided by our tutor, really helped me a lot in developing my confidence for using the language. - Vidula Purohit, myEnglish student, Upper-Intermediate batch

Why do this course?

What you get on the course

• structured courses for your English level and needs

• improved performance in English demonstrated at every stage

• guidance and constant feedback from a British Council teacher

• flexible study time and personalised learning

• British Council certificate on successfully completing the course.

What are the advantages of myEnglish?

1. Build your fluency, accuracy and confidence. Learn language for real-life communication and express yourself in everyday situations. 

2. Cover all the key language areas. Practise speaking, writing, reading and listening. Improve your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. 

3. Learn job-related skills. Take part in group discussions, make presentations, learn about job interviews, writing emails, CVs and cover letters. 

4. Acquire 21st century skills. Learn to communicate face-to-face and online, netiquette, teamwork, time management and self-study skills to continue learning outside the course.

5. Get constant teacher guidance and support. Get feedback on your speaking and writing, with error correction.  This means individual attention and personalised learning. 

6. Have fun while learning.  Learn language concepts in an interactive way. Practise to ensure that you have grasped the concepts and can use them in the outside world.

7. Learn flexibly. Choose from a number of timetable options. With guided online learning, study when it best suits you. Repeat an activity or try a quiz as many times as you want.

8. Learn conveniently. Through virtual classes, we bring the classroom to you. Don’t waste time in traffic; instead attend lessons from the comfort of home. Enrol even if you live a long way from the location; as you only need to visit three times. The course is easy to use and follow, with clear instructions. 

9. Get expert counselling. Our experts advise you before, during and at the end of the course about your learning goals and your level of English. 

10. Learn with and from others. Socialise with classmates face-to-face and online. See the teacher’s response to other students’ questions, so there is peer learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will I get a certificate at the end of the course? 
Yes. To get a certificate, you must pass the course (meeting minimum attendance and grade requirements) to get a certificate (see point 6). 

2. How many students are there in a course? 
We like to give you as much individual attention as possible. So we limit our class size to a maximum limit of 20 students per course. 

3. Is this an ‘online’ course?
No, it’s not all online. myEnglish is a blended course, so some parts of the course are face-to-face and some are online. You will have face-to-face classes, guided online learning and virtual classroom (video conference) lessons. 

4. What is guided online learning?
It is a very convenient and flexible way of learning. You learn online, in your own time, but with the regular guidance and support of a teacher. You access your course content on our website, which has high quality British Council learning material. You use these materials to improve your English skills under your teacher’s guidance. The teacher will also give you constructive feedback by correcting your mistakes and giving you suggestions for improvement (see point 8 for details). 

5. How do the virtual classes take place?
Virtual classes will be scheduled at a fixed time every week (except on week 5), you come online and meet your teacher and classmates in real-time.
The virtual classes are always taught lessons; during every session you will have a specific topic or objective and your teacher will teach you a particular grammar point, some vocabulary or a language skill.
You can speak to your teacher and classmates, do interactive activities and practise speaking and listening.  We use an advanced video conferencing tool called Adobe Connect. You don’t need to download anything or buy any extra software; all of this is available to you on the course website. 

6. What happens in the face-to-face lessons?
In the face-to-face lessons, you get a lot of chances to speak and interact. You get more practice of speaking skills like presentations, group discussions or job interviews. The teacher helps you review the concepts learned on the course in a fun way; through games and interesting activities. In addition, you review your progress on the course, look ahead at what you are going to learn next and ask the teacher any questions you have. 

7. Can I see or contact the teacher whenever I want to?
During your course, you see the teacher face to face (three times) and online (via video conference) each week. Also, you have 24/7 access to the course website, where you can post a question for your teacher anytime. Your teacher will reply as early as possible. 

8. How will I practice my speaking?
Speaking is an important skill and we give it a lot of importance on our courses. In a myEnglish course, you get regular and meaningful speaking practice in the face-to-face sessions and weekly virtual online classes. You can also practise speaking using the website, where you learn new vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation or skills and then can record your voice and send the recording to your teacher for correction.  

9. Will I meet my teacher and classmates? 
Yes, you meet your teacher and classmates regularly. You get to meet them during the face-to-face sessions and you also meet weekly in the Virtual Classroom. You interact with them constantly on the course website and take part in discussions and activities

10. What is the course content?
You can see the syllabus document (course topics and objectives), which will be provided at the time of the placement test/course counselling. 

11. How much will I have to study on this course?
It involves approx. 75 hours of study in total. You will work about 7-8 hours per week. 

12. Can I choose course timings?
We have many timetable options for you. You can check the timetable section on the website or contact us. 

13. How much computer knowledge do I need to do this course? 
Just the basic functions: turning it on and off, opening a website, downloading documents and word processing (e.g. MS Word). 

14. What are the technical requirements for the course? 
You need access to a computer (desktop, laptop or tablet computer) and a good speed internet connection (preferably broadband speed). A pair of headphones is useful for the virtual classes. 

15. How would I know if I have progressed?
You get plenty of individual feedback from your course teacher. Written and oral feedback is provided in the on-going course assessments. In addition, you get instant feedback when doing the activities on the course website (e.g. you get to see the right answers and the grade), so you can also track your own progress.  

16. Why isn’t this course all face-to-face? 
myEnglish courses are designed to be more flexible and convenient. You can study from the comfort of your home, while still getting quality teaching and guidance.  

17. Is there a textbook?
No, you don’t need to buy a textbook. All the material you need is on the course website. 

18. Are there any tests during the course?
Yes. Your work on the myEnglish course will be assessed by one of our expert teachers. There are four writing and speaking assignments and you get individual feedback on each. Grammar and vocabulary progress is tested as well.  You also build a portfolio of your best course submissions. 

19. What if I cannot attend a session?
We understand that you may have a busy professional or student life and that you may miss a session or so. But there are some minimum attendance requirements. You should check the dates before committing to a course. 
A great benefit of the course is that your Virtual Classes are generally recorded, so if you miss a Virtual Class, you can catch up on what you missed by watching the recording. 

Component Minimum attendance / completion requirement
Face to Face Classes 2 out of 3
Guided Online Learning Completion 70%
Virtual Online Classes 5 out of 8

20. What if I fall sick? 

Please refer to the terms and conditions document on the website.

Registration and schedule

How you register


  • Book a free telephonic consultation to identify your current level of English and join the right myEnglish course. 


  • A unique link to our online level check will be emailed once you have booked a consultation. 
  • Before attending your consultation please complete the online level check.
  • The online level check is 48 multiple-choice questions, and you will have 30 minutes to complete. 


  • One of our expert advisors will go through your online level check results with you to find the right course for you. The consultation will take about 15-20 minutes


  • You will then receive an email with your login details to our online course payment portal, where you can choose, pay and register for courses.

 Course Fee

INR 8,500 per course. 


Timetable 2016-17


Timetable for 2017

Level Dates
Intermediate 2 5 March - 6 May 2017
Upper Intermediate 2 5 March - 6 May 2017

Click here for a detailed course schedule.


Level Dates
Intermediate 2 5 March - 6 May 2017
Upper Intermediate 2 5 March - 6 May 2017

Click here for a detailed course schedule.


Timetable for 2016



Intermediate 2

5 March - 6 May 2017

Upper Intermediate 2

5 March - 6 May 2017

Click here for a detailed course schedule.

Course requirements and levels

Course requirements

Technical requirements:

  • You must have basic computer skills.
  • You must have access to a personal computer (laptop, desktop or tablet) with internet connectivity (preferably broadband); the minimum recommended internet bandwidth is  256 kbps.
  • You must have headphones with microphone for the virtual online classes.
  • You must have flash player installed on your personal computer. This can be very easily installed.

Study requirements:

  • You must meet the minimum course requirements mentioned in the terms and conditions to successfully complete your course and receive a British Council certificate of course completion.
  • The course involves 75 hours of study in total, which means you will work about 7-8 hours per week.

Level: Pre-intermediate

If you are at Pre-Intermediate level, you can choose either the Pre-intermediate 1 or Pre-intermediate 2 course. 

You can move to the next level (Intermediate) only after completing both the courses at the Pre-Intermediate level.

Each course at the Pre-Intermediate level is of 75 hours over 9 weeks.

Level: Intermediate

If you are at Intermediate level, you can choose either the Intermediate 1 or Intermediate 2 course. 

You can move to the next level (Upper-Intermediate) only after completing both the courses at the Intermediate level.

Each course at the Intermediate level is of 75 hours over 9 weeks.

Level: Upper-intermediate

If you are at Upper-Intermediate level, you can choose either the Upper-Intermediate 1 or Upper-Intermediate 2 course. 

Each course at the Upper-Intermediate level is of 75 hours over 9 weeks.